Winter Package Program – an overview:

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has been undertaking the distribution of Winter Packages –which usually consist of quilts, pillows, mattresses and warm clothes – among needy and underprivileged people braving the severity of environment in north-western part of the country.

In 2016 alone some 32000 winter packages were distributed across Pakistan specially to the residents of Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, Punjab and Azad Kashmir from which over 140,000 benefited. The main focus of Winter Package 2016 were the victims of remote areas in FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and deserving families of KPK because of ongoing military operations.

Current Situation:

As the temperature has started dropping across the country many affluent people continue to peacefully live in their cozy houses, however, some 2 million residents of norther areas – Gilgit Baltistsan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)– remain unprepared to cope with the hardships of winter.

The areas were drastically affected by military operations, floods in 2015 and 2016, and earthquake in October 2016 which left thousands of the people as homeless and deprived of all basic facilities. According to an estimate over 5 million people were affected by the natural calamities.

Despite provision of basic relief goods immediately after the disasters, the affectees still remain without necessities of life such as warm quilts and pillows which are crucially required in the winter.


Alkhidmat Foundation’s Winter Package program is hallmark of its community services as it remains very close to the spirit of its mission: Service to humanity. To minimize the problems faced by these people, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has started “Winter Package Program ” across Pakistan. Under this program, each family will be provided with a quilt, sleeping mattress and two pillows. The supply of the package is expected to mitigate the situation for the families shivering coldness.