University Students Visit Aghosh Homes In Murree, Mansehra and Attock

Murree: A group of Alkhidmat Volunteers hailing from University of the Pubjab, Superior University, FAST University, CIIT Lahore, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Children Hospital and CMH Lahore visited different projects of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan including Aghosh Alkkhidmat Murree, Aghosh Alkhidmat Mansehra and Aghosh Alkhidmat Attock. The students were accompanied by the AKFP officials.

During the visit, the university students met with orphan children residing at the orphanages and also participated in a number of activities arranged by the local administrators. The visitors praised the services of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan in general and Aghosh Homes in particular.

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is catering the educational, residential and recreational needs of over 700 orphan children at as many as 8 Aghosh Homes across the country. Four new Aghosh Homes including an orphanage in Murre which will have a capacity of 700 children are currently under construction. Meanwhile 6,200 another orphan children are sponsored under Orphan Family Support program.