So turn in prayer towards your Lord and sacrifice [animals]. (Al-Quran: 108.2)

Qurbani is the fundamental Islamic ritual to commemorate the historic sacrifice of Hazrat Abrahim (A.S.) and to share happiness with the poor segement of the society. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Qurbani Project 2017 is focused on Qurbani Fe Sabeel Lillah (Sacrifice for the sake of Allah) as well as provision of best Qurbani services in Pakistan. Through this project, the AKFP ensures selection of healthy animals in the light of Shariah principles, their slaughter in a hygienic environment and distribution of the meat among needy and underprivileged families.

You can donate your Qurbani or acquire Qurbani services of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan by paying the minimal amounts.

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2) You can also book your Qurbani @ +92-0304- 1114222 or 0800- 44 44 8.

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