AKF Timergara

PIMA Personnel & Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Hayat Muhammad Visits Alkhidmat Hospital Timergara

Timergara: PIMA Personnel & Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Hayat Muhammad visited Alkhidmat Hospital Timergara. He was given briefing about available facilities and services provided to the beneficiaries at Alkhidmat Hospital Timergara.  Dr. Hayat Muhammad expressed satisfaction regarding the performance of Alkhidmat Hospital Timergarar and said that room for betterment is always there. He appreciated the management of  Alkhidmat Hospital Timergara and said that Alkhidmat Health Program is doing good as it’s providing state of the art facilities to the needy and poor. Director Alkhidmat Hospital Timergara Majeed Ullah was also there