AKF Okara

Over Rs. 4 Million Funds Raised At Okara Donor Conference

Okara: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has raised more than 4 Million rupees at a donor conference held in Okara. A large number of locals and officials of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan attended the charity event. This was the part of AKFP’s fundraising campaign 2017.

Secretary General AKFP Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Mangat presided over the conference while Renowned poets Zahid Fakhri and Khalid Masood were chief guests in the event. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Mangat started the event with briefing the AKFP’s all 7 programs. He presented souvenirs to the guests and participants of the event.

It may also be noted here that the funds raised at the donor conference will be spent on sponsorship of orphan children under Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Orphan Care Program. The program sponsors over 7,200 orphans across the country