Over 5 Lakh People Benefitted From Alkhidmat Qurbani Project 2017

Lahore: As many as 544,752 people were benefitted from Alkhidmat Qurbani Fee Sabil Lilah Project 2017 on the occasion of this Eid-ul-Adha. The Qurbani animals, cows and goats, were donated by generous people from across the world.

According to the consolidated data, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan organized Qurbani Fee Sabil Lilah in all four provinces of Pakistan, Gilgit Baltisitan, Federally Administered Areas (FATA), Azad Kashmir. Qurbani Project 2017 was also undertaken for Syrian Refugees in Turkey and for Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh in collaboration with Turkish partner welfare organizations.

It is also worth mentioning here that last year Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan had reached out more than 585,000 people through its Qurbani Fee Sabil Lilah Project.