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“Mass Media in Non-profits” Workshop Held in Karachi

Karachi: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Media and Marketing department arranged “Mass Media in Non-profits” workshop for its regional office barriers (Karachi, Sindh, Quetta and Makran) related to media relations and event management in Karachi. The workshop was presided over by AKFP General Manager Media and Marketing Muhammad Umair Idrees.

During the workshop, Kashif Hafeez, CEO of PULSE, briefed the participants about utilities of social media networks and websites tools to enhance outreach and fundraising capabilities of NGOs. CEO Raah TV Salman Sheikh explained how the process media productions can be executed in an effective manner by the non-profit organizations and what important steps should be taken while producing documentaries, case studies or advertisements.

Muhammad Umar Idrees, GM MMD, went on to highlight the significance of creative artwork for making promotional and informational material of the NGOs. He informed the audience how AKFP was trying to implement the same theme of artwork to synchronise the public campaign over the past many years.

In the last session of the workshop, Dr. Usama Shafique, Assistant Professor Karachi University, apprised the participants about significance of media relations and public relations. He stressed that an NGO must maintain very close ties with local and top media persons to effectively execute its projects and attain a good public image. AKFP Senior Manager Resource Management Khubaib Bilal also briefed the audience about planning and execution of fundraising-related events and other gatherings.