Free Orthopedic Camp in Alkhidmat Fareeda Yaqoob Hospital

Karachi : AlKhidmat Fareeda Yaqoob Hospital, Gulshan-e-Hadeed has organized One Day Free Orthopedic Camp with the collaboration of Pakistan Orthopedic Association and courtesy by: SEARLE, on dated: 22nd April, 2018. 405 patient were screened and had provides free quality medicine and Laboratory Services included Uric Acid and BMI/BMD.

Participant of Consultant :

Dr. Asghar Jawaid , Professor Dr. Shahid Noor, Dr. Athar Siddiqui Dr. Haroon Rasheed, Dr. Syed Kamran, Assistant Professor , Baddar Sethi, Assistant Professor, Noman Husain, Professor, M. Aslam Siddiqui Dr. Ahmed Ali Dr. Salman Adeel, Dr. S.M. Iqbal, Dr. Naseem Ahmed with team and Management from the AlKhidmat FY Hospital had successfully managed to this camp in the premises of the ALKFY Hospital.