Educational Complex Inaugurated

Karachi – June 25, 2012;Ex-Nazim (Mayor) Karachi Naimatullah Khan, presided over several humanitarian activities in Thar. The first was the inauguration of the ‘Thar Complex’ built in collaboration with Charity Australia. The Thar Complex is a collection of several buildings covering a vast area of 10 acres, inclusive of a masjid, a college, a hospital, a community center, an Islamic Center, a hostel for students which would also offer free residence and meals to students.
The second activity was a collective marriage ceremony of 20 underprivileged couples. This activity too, was organized with the collaboration of Charity Australia. Apart from receiving monetary gifts from Naimatullah Khan, the couples were also given a wide variety of various items of household use to help them set up their homes.
During this visit to Tharparkar, Naimatullah Khan also announced that though AlKhidmat had already been providing free education to underprivileged children of Thar area up to high school level, it would now sponsor deserving students for free education up to college level.
The day’s activities were topped with a get-together of AlKhidmat office holders, personnel, and journalists. Aware of his extensive humanitarian work, some journalists had accompanied Naimatullah Khan when he had departed Karachi for Tharparkar, while several local journalists were also present at the occasion. Naimatullah Khan distributed ajraks (a decorative sheet of cloth worn by Sindhi men) and souvenir shields among the journalists.

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