Donors Urged To Help Orphans

Gujranwala – July 8, 2012; A motivational multimedia presentation was offered to prominent people of the city, which included businessmen, physicians, engineers, educationists, and other city elite from all walks of life. The presentation, which was conducted by Al-Khidmat Secretary General, Muhammad Abd Al-Shakoor, highlighted Al-Khidmat’s road map of humanitarian projects for the current year, especially its Orphan Care Program.
Muhammad Abd Al-Shakoor enlightened the gathering regarding Al-Khidmat’s pledge to reach out and provide assistance to children who have become orphans due to the death of one or both parents in earthquakes, floods, and especially the large number of children who are now becoming orphans due to the ongoing strife and military operations in Pakistan’s restive northern areas. He said Al-Khidmat had charted out a systematic program for the assistance of no less than 10,000 orphans in the first phase of the program.
The Secretary General underscored Al-Khidmat’s endeavors to track, document, and provide assistance to the huge, and growing, number of orphans all over Pakistan through a series of informative slides and documentaries. Muhammad Abd Al-Shakoor appealed to Gujranwala’s influential and affluent aristocracy to come out and generously assist Al-Khidmat in the noble cause of helping orphan children. He stressed upon the fact that helping orphan children was not only a social responsibility, but an Islamic duty as well.

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