Human beings are facing multifarious social problems in 21st century ranging from poverty to civic ignorance and lack of basic facilities of life. Pakistan faces severe problems in terms of health, education and economy. The country stands at 145th position at Human Development Index (HDI) and almost 50% of Pakistan’s population is deprived of basic necessities such as health, education and clean water. As per an HDR report about 11% of Pakistani population is facing an immediate threat of multidimensional poverty and 27.1% lives under severe poverty conditions.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has vision of a safe, educated and healthy community and over the last three decades the organization is best known for resolution of the social issues of Pakistan. Alkhidmat is working on a mission of harmonious community possessing good health, education, awareness, and a responsible attitude towards the overall progress of the country.

Prisoners Welfare

Alkhidmat Community Services Program provides assistance to the prisoners by providing rehabilitation after they complete their punishment sentences. We also arrange payments of fines imposed on the prisoners convicted for minor crimes.


Eid-ul-Adha is the most sacred festival of Muslims which enables the poor and needy Muslims to equally become part of the happiness of the community. Every year Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan arranges Qurbani to ensure that healthy and safe meat reaches to the most vulnerable segment of the society.

Ramadan Packages

During the month of Ramadan, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan regularly distributes special Ramadan Packages to assist the poor and the needy families. This project gives thousands of families a chance to spend the month of fasting without any problem.

Food Packages

Through its Food Packages, Alkhidmat Comunity Services Program helps the underprivileged families to ensure their access to the basic necessity of life –the food– around the year.

Masajid Rehabilitation

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan actively undertakes rehabilitation and construction of Mosques across the country. These projects are implemented through collaboration with local and international donors.


Distribution of wheelchairs is a major service of Community Services Program of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan which enables the poor disables to move around themselves and just be a little more independent.

Minority Matters

The Community Services Program provides Christmas and Diwali Gifts for the minorities in Pakistan, hence providing the smaller segment of society with a chance to enjoy their religious festivals to the fullest.

Winter Packages

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan provides people living in northern areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir with winter packages which consist of warm clothes, quilts, mattresses and other household items which help them to overcome the intense cold weather.

Community Iftaar
Ramadan Package
Diwali / Christmes Gift
Eid Gift
Winter Package
Construction of Masjid
Rehabilitation of Masjid
Marriage Box
Food Package