Rs.25 Million Funds Raised At Lahore Charity Dinner

Lahore: More than Rs. 25 Million were raised for Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Orphan Care Program at Lahore Donner Conference. People from various fields of life participated in the event while renowned cricketer Inzamaul Haq, Mushtaq Ahmad and Waseem Haider were chief guests.

On the occasion, Inzamaul Haq also donated his bat to the AKFP which was sold for Rs. 4.5 lakh. Mushtaq Ahmad and Waseem Haider also donated their player of the year trophy and shirt which were auctioned against Rs. 7.5 lakh and Rs. 3.5 lakh respectively.

It may also be noted here that the funds raised at the donor conference will be spent on sponsorship of orphan children under Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Orphan Care Program. The program sponsors over 7,200 orphans across the country.

Alkhidmat Foundation Gifts Eidi To Bethak School Children.

Alkhidmat Foundation Gifts Eidi To Orphan Children & Their Teachers

Lahore, 04-07-2016:  Alkhidmat Foundation held an Eidi distribution ceremony at Bethak School Baghrian. 262 school children and school teachers were gifted Eidi on behalf of Alkhidmat Foundation—a tradition Alkhidmat Foundation has kept alive for years. Syed Ehsan Ullah Waqas (Vice President Alkhidmat Foundation) participated in the ceremony was the chief guest along with local administration of Alkhidmat Foundation and a large number of students and teachers. Mr. Waqas said that he was pleased to share Eid’s joys on behalf of Alkhidmat Foundation with orphan children and their teachers.  Note that Bethak schools were made by Alkhidmat Foundation and thousands of children benefit from these schools.

Alkhidmat Foundation Gifts Eidi To Bethak School Children.

Alkhidmat Foundation Gifts Eidi To Bethak School Children.


Alkhidmat Foundation Holds Ceremony To Observe World Orphans’ Day

Lahore, 22-06-2016: Like in many other Muslims countries, the World Orphans’ day was also observed in Pakistan today. 15th of Ramadan is chosen as a day of solidarity and love for orphan children in all Muslims world. The day is observed under the auspices if OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). Alkhidmat Foundation is a proud member of the prestigious forum and Alkhidmat Foundation’s President, Mr. Abdus Shakoor also leads the OIC. Read more


Alkhidmat Foundation Successfully Arranges Charity Dinner At Toba Tek Singh & Gujrat

Toba, Tek Singh, 14-06-2016: Alkhidmat Foundation arranged a charity dinner in Toba Tek Singh to raise charity for Alkhidmat’s Orphan Care Program. Mr. Mushtaq Mangat (Secretary General Alkhidmat Foundation) was the chief guest on the occasion while a number of dignitaries and local leadership was present in the event. Alkhidmat also organized a charity event at Gujrat where Mr. Anwar Masood (renowned poet) was the chief guest.