Alkhidmat inaugurates new school building of Surraya Ashfaq Model School in Lahore

Alkhidmat Foundation inaugurates new school building of Surraya Ashfaq Model School in Lahore.

A new school building adjoining the Surraya Ashfaq Model School was inaugurated on Sanda Road Lahore. This English medium school has been providing first-rate quality education in the area for the last 12 years. The school facilitates girls to accomplish their studies from nursery to matriculation whereas boys are able to get education up to fifth class. Thirty percent students are those who get free of cost education and most frequently are those who are orphans or whose parents are helpless to afford their education. Only 10% students deposit full fees rest are admitted at no cost. Besides free education, books, uniform and other stationary items are also provided to the children again without any charges. Surraya Ashfaq Model School was tutoring 400 students previously but now with the establishment of new building, further 200 students would easily be adjusted in the building to impart them education


Free medical camp at Bhit Shah

A free medical camp was organized under the umbrella of Alkhidmat Foundation at Bhit Shah for the visitors on the eve of annualURUS of well knowm Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif.

Alkhidmat arranges free medical camp on every year in order to provide the visitors medical facilities free of cost. President Alkhidmat Foundation Sind Dr. Tabassum Jaafri visited the camp and said that the sole objective behind the medical camp was to provide the visitors better medical facilities. Alkhidmat Foundation had been organizing this kind of medical camps in the past and would continue in future as well.