Leaders Arena

Leaders Arena: AKFP Launches Capacity Building Lectures for Staff Members

Lahore: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has launched a series of lectures for its staff members and volunteers under the banner of “Leaders Arena”. The lectures are aimed at capacity building and motivation of the workers to play a broader role as leaders in the field of humanitarian relief work.

As part of the series, AKFP Secretary General Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Mangat delivered the lecture on Wednesday at the AKFP Head Office in Lahore. He emphasised the AKFP workers to take extraordinary measurements to play an extraordinary role for the betterment of the society.

The lecture series will continue after regular intervals at the offices of the AKFP.

Diamer Relief Activity

AKFP Provided Relief Goods to 250 Families Following Flash Floods in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan took immediate steps to provide necessary relief to the victims of flash floods during months of July and August in different areas in Gilgit Baltistan. The provided relief goods included Food Packages, Tarpaulin Sheets, Tents, Kitchen Sets and Medical Camp facilities. As many as 250 families benefitted from the relief activities. AKFP undertook relief work in Manikal Darel, Badswat Ishkoman, Immit Ishkoman, Bargo Gilgit, Sherqilla Ghizer and Bilhanz Ghizer areas of Gilgit Baltistan.

Shields & Cash Gift Distribution

Gujrat: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Women Wing Punjab chapter arranged a program with connection to Independence Day in Gujrat. The orphan children registered with Orphan Care Program Gujrat Cluster participated while AKFP Punjab chapter Rao Muhammad Zafar was chief guest. Orphan student Shahvez who passed matriculation exam with A+ grade was also honored with a shield and cash prize.

Free Medical Camp

150 Patients Served at Free Medical Camp

Islamabad: Alkhidmat Fareeda Yaqoob Hospital Ghulshan e Hadeed organized a Free Medical Camp at Achar Salar Goth Dhabeji. More over 150 patients get benefited from this camp.
Alkhidmat also facilitated patients with free medicines and did free vitals of patients, including complete checkup with weight measure, blood pressure checkup as well.

One-Day Tour for the Street Children

Lahore: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Punjab chapter, in collaboration with Sozo World, arranged a one- day tour for the street children of Alkhidmat Child Protection Center Sabzazar and Itefaq Town Lahore. The children enjoyed the rides and swimming along with their teachers. Lunch was also served on the occasion.