300 Benefit From Free Medical Camp

Thatta – May 28, 2012; A one day Free Medical Camp was organized by Al-Khidmat Thatta District in collaboration with Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) at Babra Stop, Tehsil Mirpur Sakro here today.

The camp was staffed by two doctors and two paramedical staff assisted by ten volunteers. 300 patients were examined at the camp, while free medicines were also handed out to all patients who required medication.


Al-Khidmat General Council Meeting

Lahore – May 27, 2012; Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan’s General Council held a meeting at AlKhidmat’s head office in Lahore here today to review progress made during the last six months. The meeting was headed by AlKhidmat President, Dr Hafeez-ur-Rahman, assisted by AlKhidmat’s General Secretary, Muhammad Abd Al-Shakoor.
Muhammad Abd Al-Shakoor informed the gathering that Al-Khidmat had spent more than Rupees 820 Million during the current year on various relief projects within the country, including Disaster Management, Healthcare, Education, Clean Water, Orphan Care, Prisoners Welfare, and Community Services, as well as provision of food, clothing, and clean water for IDPs (Internally displaced persons) in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), but had also dispatched aid worth Rupees 05 Million for Syrian refugees who have fled persecution in their home country and are now living in refugee camps in Turkey.
Dr Hafeez-ur-Rahman conceded that AlKhidmat’s performance had improved significantly during the last six months and every department was now carrying out its duties more efficiently. He stressed on the need of training for improved performance and said AlKhidmat had begun to train all personnel in their particular sphere of operation in order to enhance AlKhidmat’s performance even more.


Housing Project For Flood Affected

Peshawar – May 22, 2012; Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan and Yardimeli (Helping Hand) of Turkey have announced construction of a model village named ‘Ayub Ansari (r.a) Model Village’ for flood affected families of Charsaddah area at an estimated cost of Rupees 90 Million. The project was jointly announced by AlKhidmat Provincial President and ex-Health Minister, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Inayatullah Khan, and Chairman Yardimeli, Dr Sadiq Danishman.
The proposed model village would include a masjid, as well as 250 free houses for flood affected families whose properties had totally been destroyed by the 2010 floods. Each of houses measures 08 Marla, or approximately 2,000 square feet each, in size. The rehabilitation project also aims to give financial assistance of Rupees 5,000/- per month to each of the flood affected families for a period of one year, in which time they are expected to find jobs and are expected to be able to earn from their agricultural lands again.
Yardimeli is committed to helping its Pakistani brothers and sisters in times of difficulty and had earlier collaborated with AlKhidmat and Read Foundation in rebuilding homes for quake affected people in Azad Kashmir and Balakot in 2005. Financial assistance cheques were handed out to representatives of 20 families in the first phase of the program.
Members of Yardimeli, Saif-al-Islam, Fadi, and Muhammad Ilyas, Founder, Read Foundation Azad Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad, as well as Senior Provincial Program Manager AlKhidmat, Qazi Wajahat, Media Coordinator, Noor-al-Wahid Jadoon, President AlKhidmat Charsaddah District, Pir Masood Jan, ex-Member Provincial Assembly, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Arshad Khan, Gen. Secretary AlKhidmat Charsaddah, Noor Hussain, and Relief Administrator, Muhammad Sajjad Gonda, were also present at the occasion.


1200 Benefit At Medical Camp

Matyari – May 21, 2012; In line with Al-Khidmat’s program of providing healthcare to disadvantaged sections of society, which includes people in remote and underprivileged areas, Al-Khidmat Sindh organized a mobile medical camp with the collaboration of Pakistan Red Crescent Society at Ballu Kaka, a village in the suburbs of Matyari, in Sindh province. The medical team had to pass through inhospitable swampland to reach the village.

People of underdeveloped areas are generally deprived of diagnostic and treatment facilities available in large cities and, therefore, continue to suffer from various easily treatable ailments. Al-Khidmat regularly organizes mobile medical camps in remote, underdeveloped rural areas for the benefit of the local populace.

The mobile medical camp was a great success as people thronged to the camp in droves when they heard that an Al-Khidmat medical camp had been set up in the village. By the end of the day no less than 1200 men, women, and children had been checked at the camp by a team of two doctors accompanied by four paramedical staff, while one of the physicians provided socio-psychological support. Apart from free diagnosis, free medicines were also distributed among the patients.


Children Overjoyed To Get School Bags

Lahore – May 15, 2012; Al-Khidmat, in cooperation with Foundation of the Faithful, USA, has distributed 100 school bags among underprivileged children of a government school in Bihari Colony area of Lahore. In view of the congested and dilapidated condition of the school premises, the assistance was extended to include the construction of two new rooms at the school. Giving out school supplies to underprivileged students is a regular project of Al-Khidmat’s educational assistance department.
Children who received the school bags were overjoyed and could be seen smiling broadly while the proudly displayed their shiny new school bags. AlKhidmat Vice President, Syed Ehsanullah Waqas was present at the school bag distribution ceremony and appeared just as happy at handing the school bags to the cute children as they seemed they seemed in receiving them.


2,000 Students Get School Bags

Peshawar – May 20, 2012; Al-Khidmat Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has distributed 2,000 schools bags among underprivileged and orphan school children, mostly students of Tameer-e-Millat schools. Tameer-e-Millat schools are being operated and administered by Khyber Educational Program, a project of AlKhidmat Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Funds for distribution of school supplies have been generously donated by Friends of the Faithful (FOF), USA.

Al-Khidmat Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa had earlier completed several projects for the continuation of studies for children belonging to flood-affected families in collaboration with FOF, including distribution of school bags among 300 underprivileged school children in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

President, Al-Khidmat Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Inayatullah Khan, who is also ex-Minister of Health, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, was present at the school bag distribution ceremony and reiterated AlKhidmat’s commitment to raising the literacy level in the country.


Thousands Benefit From Free Eye Care Camps

Layyah – May 16, 2012; Al-Khidmat Layyah organized two Free Eye Care Medical Camps here today. News of the free medical camp spread rapidly and underprivileged people of the area thronged to the camps to be examined. AlKhidmat regularly organizes free medical and eye care camps in various rural areas of the country in order to reach out and provide healthcare to people who cannot afford to travel to big cities nor afford expensive healthcare at private hospitals.

A total of 2,400 patients were examined at both the camps before the day was over. Eye operations were performed upon 240 patients who required immediate surgery. Even though the cost of each eye operations is approximately Rupees 3,000 per patient, yet the operations were performed free of charge. 240 lenses were inserted into patients’ eyes, which were also provided by AlKhidmat free of cost. Patients were also given free eyeglasses, while medicines worth Rupees 120,000/- were also given out free of charge.