Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan distributed wheelchairs and winter packages among poor in Batgram

Batgram: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, in collaboration with Free Wheelchair Mission and Foundation of the Faithful (FOF) distributed wheelchairs and winter packages among poor and needy individuals. Mr. Khalid Akhwanzada, President AKF Batgram and Malik Pervaiz, Vice President Batgram handed over Wheelchairs among 28 special persons and 28 Winter Packages among poor and needy individuals of Dist. Batgram.


Newly Constructed Masjid Inaugurated At Aghosh Alkhidmat Gujranwala

Gujranwala: Masajid have always played a significant role in the social development of an Islamic Society. With the zeal to encourage our children to lean the meaning of their life in Islamic perspective, it’s important to connect their daily routine with Masjid.

To serve the purpose of humanity under the light of Islam, a Masjid has been constructed at Aghosh Alkhidmat Gujranwala. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan arranged an inauguration ceremony of Masjid at Aghosh Gujranwala under the supervision of Mr. Javed Iqbal, President AKF Gujranwala. The Masjid will help the orphan children to lean the true values of Islam and offer five times prayer in congregation on regular basis.

AKF Relief

AKF Distributed Hygiene Kits, Sweaters And Shoes Among Prisoners of Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore

Lahore: Hygienic issues in prisons and jails are not appropriate across Pakistan. Providing cleanliness to the prisoners is a major challenge faced by the jail management due to unawareness of prisoners in this regard. Alkhidmat Community Services Program in collaboration with Foundation of Faithful (FOF) distributed Hygiene kits, sweaters and shoes among prisoners of Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore. Syed Ihsan Ullah Waqas, Sr. Vice President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan distributed 500 Hygiene kits among the prisoners. These kits will help them in maintaining self-hygiene and keeping themselves save from cold weather.


AKF Distributed Food, Clothes Among 2,000 Laborers During Week-Long Drive In Gujranwala

Gujranwala: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Community Services Program has initiated a Food and Clothes Distribution drive in Gujranwala to distribute edibles and dresses among laborers free of cost.

The campaign started from December 11 and continued till December 17. During the drive, AKF volunteers also visited different locations, mainly construction sites, in the city to identify the needy people.

The one-week drive benefited over 2,000 laborers while the approximate cost was ascertained to be some 3 lakh rupees.