Intellectuals Receive Orphan Care Briefing

Lahore – July 15, 2012; Al-Khidmat’s Orphan Care Program awareness and fundraising drive is going into higher gears with each passing day. Influential and affluent people in various cities and towns all over the country receive detailed daily briefings about the plight of orphans, especially those children who are becoming orphans in increasing numbers Read more


Press Briefing Highlights Orphan Care Program

Multan – July 14, 2012, Al-Khidmat has launched a countrywide campaign to create awareness and raise much needed funds for support of orphan children throughout Pakistan. The issue of orphan children has become central to Al-Khidmat’s humanitarian campaign because of the growing number of children becoming orphans due to the ongoing strife and Read more


Awareness Campaign For Orphans

Mardan – July 13, 2012;Al-Khidmat has placed support for orphan children at the top of its list of issues of humanitarian concern, and has vowed to reach out to, and provide assistance to, no less than 10,000 orphan children. AlKhidmat has worked out the expense of providing total care to an orphan child at Rs 2,500 / child / month, Read more


300 To Benefit From New Water Pump

Gotahmok – July 12, 2012; One of the most rigorously pursued Al-Khidmat programs is the provision of clean water in arid areas where people have no choice but to fetch semi potable water from great distances or drink and use stagnant water chock-full of dirt, germs, and insects. This dire situation has prompted Al-Khidmat to lay a network of fresh water Read more


Seminar Highlights Plight Of Orphans

Peshawar – July 11, 2012; Al-Khidmat’s Orphan Care Program, which aims to reach out to, and provide assistance to no less than 10,000 orphan children all over the country during the current year, is in full swing. The first phase of the program is targeted at creating awareness among donors regarding the plight of orphans who are innocent victims of natural disasters, poverty, Read more


72 Couples Tie Knot At Mass Wedding

Badin – July 10, 2012; Marriage preparations, such a new clothes and furniture, as well as purchase of various items of household use for a new home can sometimes become a very costly affair, especially for disadvantaged couples. Aware of these challenges, Al-Khidmat Foundation often arranges mass wedding events, especially in underprivileged areas of the country, Read more


KPK Elite Urged To Support 1,500 Orphans

Peshawar – July 9, 2012; Al-Khidmat’s Orphan Care Program’s fundraising drive is in full swing with senior Al-Khidmat officials giving presentations to affluent and influential people in all major cities of Pakistan. One such awareness and fundraising conference for donors was organized by Al-Khidmat Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in Buner here today and was attended by Read more


Donors Urged To Help Orphans

Gujranwala – July 8, 2012; A motivational multimedia presentation was offered to prominent people of the city, which included businessmen, physicians, engineers, educationists, and other city elite from all walks of life. The presentation, which was conducted by Al-Khidmat Secretary General, Muhammad Abd Al-Shakoor, highlighted Al-Khidmat’s Read more


City Elite Attend Donors Conference

Faisalabad – July 7, 2012; Hundreds of Faisalabad city’s elite, including members of Faisalabad’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as physicians, engineers, educationists, and prominent personalities from all walks of life, turned out at a conference highlighting Al-Khidmat’s Orphan Care Program. Read more


Free Medical Camp For Women

Layyah – July 6, 2012; The Al-Khidmat-FOF Maternity Hospital Layyah has been providing quality maternity and gynecological care to women of Layyah and surrounding areas ever since it was established a couple of years ago. The hospital also has its own in-patient wards, laboratory, operation theatre, as well as a pharmacy. Read more