Convention Honors Workers and Volunteers

KARACHI: 03th March
A convention organized by AlKhidmat Sindh Region was held in Karachi on March 02, 2012 to honor workers and volunteers who had participated in relief activities during, and after, the 2010-11 Flood in Sindh. President, AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Dr Hafeez-ur-Rahman, as well as Ex-Mayor, Karachi City,Naimatullah Khan, were also present at the occasion. Workers and volunteers who had performed outstanding work during the relief campaign were awarded shields in recognition of their services.
AlKhidmat’s selfless workers and volunteers had abandoned whatever they had been doing at the time in order to respond to the humongous challenge of providing emergency relief to thousands of affected men, women, and children. AlKhidmat’s dedicated teams had also participated in carrying out on-site operations of the severely injured, burying the dead, setting up shelters for the survivors, and later on, in the rehabilitation of the affected people as well.

2,855 Patients Benefit From Eye Camps in Sargodha District

Sargodha: 03th March
A total of 2,855 patients have benefitted from the latest Free Eye Camps set up by AlKhidmat’s Mobile Dispensaries, a project of AlKhidmat’s Health Services division.
The Free Eye Camps, staffed by nine eye specialists, twenty paramedical staff, as well as sixty-five volunteers, were set up at four locations; one at AlKhidmat Hospital Sargodha, one in Bhalwal, one in Jhawarian, and one at Chak No. 39, from February 21 – 29, 2012.
People thronged to the Free Eye Camps where AlKhidmat’s eye specialists examined them and gave out free prescriptions and medicines, including free eyeglasses.
AlKhidmat’s Health Services division regularly organizes various medical camps by way of its Mobile Dispensaries in order to provide much needed health related services to less privileged sections of the populace at their doorstep. The next Free Eye Camp will be set up in Jaswal, Chakwal District, from March 08 – 09, 2012.

Ambulance Service Extended To Totakan in the Malakand District

Ambulance Service Extended To Totakan in the Malakand District

Malakand: 25th Feb 

AlKhidmat has extended its ambulance service to include the Totakan area in the Malakand District of north-western Pakistan.

AlKhidmat Ambulance Service had previously included Butkhela and Thana areas of Malakand District. The extension to Totakan and the induction of a new ambulance to the existing fleet will greatly facilitate locals of the area in speedily reaching specialized health facilities.

AlKhidmat Evacuates Casualties in Wake of Peshawar Blast

AlKhidmat Evacuates Casualties in Wake of Peshawar Blast

Lahore: 23th Feb.
AlKhidmat’s workers, volunteers, and ambulances have evacuated the injured and corpses of dead police personnel in the wake of the bomb blast at the Peshawar High Court bus terminal at 11:00 am on Thursday. At least 16 people have died as a result of the car-bomb blast, while more than 39 have been injured.
According to details, more than 36 AlKhidmat workers and volunteers immediately rushed to the spot in the wake of the blast and began evacuating and transporting the dead and injured to the Government Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar. Up to seven AlKhidmat ambulances also took part in the rescue and evacuation operation.
13 out of the 16 persons who died have been identified. Two of the dead were from Multan, while the others are from adjoining areas of Kohat Road. AlKhidmat also provided burial shrouds and coffins for all the deceased, and has transported them to their respective villages via Ambulance Service. Moreover, AlKhidmat has also arranged blood supplies for the injured.

Rupees 1.8 Million Distributed Among Orphans

Attock, 11th Feb.
AlKhidmat Foundation has distributed funds worth rupees 1.8 million among orphans in the Attock District with the collaboration of Qatar Charity. The funds distribution ceremony was attended by Dr: Iqbal Khalil, Vice President AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan, as well as Muhammad Imran, Program Coordinator of Qatar Charity. The assistance is a part of AlKhidmat’s AGOSH Orphan Care Program Pilot Project.
Pakistan has a population of around 50 million children under of age 17 years, and about 4.2 million of these are orphans. These children have been orphaned due to various reasons, including the devastating earthquake of 2008 and the 2010 floods, as well as those orphaned due to the death of one or both parents for lack of proper medical care.
The project aims to extend assistance to these parentless children at their doorstep in form of educational assistance, i.e., books, fees, uniforms, etc., assistance for health care, including free medical checkups and medicines, assistance in purchase of food items, as well as psychological and moral counseling of the children. The pilot project has been launched in all nine regions of Pakistan for a period of one year, and 30 orphans will initially be selected for assistance from each union council.

Food Packages Distributed By Food Bank

428 Food Packages Distributed By Food Bank

Lahore: 15th Feb.
AlKhidmat Foundation has distributed 428 food packages among destitute families headed by widows in the Garden Town area of Lahore, Pakistan. The food packages were distributed by the local management of AlKhidmat’s Food Bank Project, a program which aims to assist poor families by handing out monthly food rations. Vice President AlKhidmat Foundation, Ehsanullah Waqqas was also present at the occasion.AlKhidmat’s Food Bank Project has spent well over 17.5 million rupees in food assistance during last eight years in this area of Lahore alone.

Unprecedented inflation and skyrocketing prices of consumer commodities have affected all sections of society, but it is the poor and middleclass members of society who end up suffering the most. The Food Bank Project is geared towards providing assistance to the most vulnerable sections of society, especially those destitute families which are headed by widows, through consistent monthly distribution of food supplies, in order to reduce the financial burden on them. Each of the food packages contains a 20kg sack of wheat flour, a bag of rice, cooking oil, a bag of sugar, assorted pulses, and a packet of tea.


Model Village Inaugurated In Sajawal

Hydrabad: 15th Jan.
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is proud to announce the completion of its first Flood Rehabilitation Project in Sajawal, Sindh. The Model Village, which was established as part of Alkhidmat’s Flood Rehabilitation Project was inaugurated on January 14th, 2012. 72 houses were built by means of contributions donated by generous donors to alleviate the suffering of flood affected people. These newly completed houses were handed over to the families of the Sajawal area, in southern Sindh province, who had been left homeless in the wake of floods which had devastated large swaths of the country last year.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by former City Nazim (Mayor) Karachi, Naimatullah Khan, as well as National Director Rehabilitation, Ijazullah Khan. Speaking on the occasion, Naimatullah Khan said, Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan had not only performed rescue and relief operations in the disaster hit areas, but had also taken a prominent role in the rehabilitation of the affected people. He said Sajawal ModelVillage is a shining example of development and prosperity made possible by the combined efforts the donors and dedicated teams of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan.

Maternity Hospital Inaugurated In Quetta

Maternity Hospital Inaugurated In Quetta

Quetta: 13th Jan.
AlKhidmat Foundation’s Health Services division has inaugurated a maternity hospital in Quetta built with the collaboration of International Medical Association of North America (IMANA). Vice President AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Dr. Iqbal Khalil was also present at the inauguration ceremony.
Residents of Quetta district are extremely pleased at the inauguration of this hospital as maternity patients can sometimes be in a precarious condition and it can be very unsafe to transport them over lengthy distances. Apart from providing examination and consultation services to a large number of daily visitors, the IMANA-AlKHIDMAT MATERNITY HOSPITAL has an initial capacity to provide in-house care to 20 patients at a time.
Efforts are already underway to increase the staff and capacity of the hospital so that it can extend its services beyond Quetta and provide maternity care services to residents of other districts of Baluchistan as well.

1000 winter packages distributed in Multan

1000 winter packages distributed in Multan

Multan, 11th Jan.
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is scaling up its distribution of relief goods under its Winter Package 2012 program in flood affected areas throughout the country.In Multan, Alkhidmat Foundation has begun distributing 1000 Winter Packages to vulnerable people of the area who have been most affected by the extreme weather.
Rao Zafar, who heads the Punjab region of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, said, “The Winter Package 2012 program will greatly help in alleviating the sufferings of women, children and other vulnerable people, whose lives have been devastated by floods which inundated large areas of the country last year, and who are now facing the added adversity of battling severe cold in various parts of the country.”


500 Families Benefit From Winter Package in Lahore

Lahore: 10th Jan.
AlKhidmat’s ‘Winter Package 2012’ campaign is in full swing all over the country. The latest segment of the assistance was handed out to 500 of the most deserving families of Township, Lahore. Foundation of the Faithful (FOF) USA collaborated with AlKhidmat in the organization of this assistance package.
Distribution of Winter Packages to deserving families in the Punjab province is being overseen by Ikram-ul-Haq Subhani, Secretary, AlKhidmat Foundation Punjab, and a huge sum of rupees 5 million has been earmarked for the project in Punjab Region.
Each package contains warm clothes, sheets, bedding, blankets, and shoes, as well as other seasonal necessities. No less than 5,000 impoverished families all over the province will benefit from the assistance packages.