Al-Khidmat Dir Organizes Cleanliness Campaign

Dir, 11-05-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation organized a cleanliness campaign in Lower Dir. The campaign started today from Ghaznawi School Chowk. President Al-Khidmat Lower-Dir Mr. Fazal Mehmood, Mr. Sayyed Gul, Malik Shehar Buhaddar, Mr. Humayyou Khan, and a large number of local students participated in the event. The purpose of organizing the event was to create awareness about keeping the surroundings clean.


Al-Khidmat Foundation Provide Assistance To Land-Slide Affectees

Peshawar, 29-04-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation provided financial assistance to a family in upper Dir, which lost 10 family members, including 7 children as a result of land-sliding. The family also lost the adjoining business due to the incidence. The incident occurred in Badran Thal Kohistan. President Al-Khidmat Foundation KPK Mr. Noor Ul Haq took a notice and arranged Read more


Al-Khidmat Foundation Arrange Combined Marriage Ceremony For 25 Couples

Peshawar, 25-04-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation arranged a combined marriage ceremony for 25 deserving couples at Al-Markaz Islami, Peshawar. Mr. Siraj Ul Haq was the chief guest on the occasion while President Al-Khidmat Foundation Dr. Hafeez Ur Rehman, President Al-Khidmat KPK Mr. Noor Ul Haq, Provincial General Secretary Mr. Shabeer Ahmad Khan, Professor Muhammad Ibrahim, Read more


UK-Islamic Mission & Al-Khidmat Foundation Increase Capacity Of Ambulance Service

Peshawar, 22-04-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation in collaboration with UK-Islamic Mission increased the capacity of Al-Khidmat Foundation Ambulance services. Malakund agency has been provided an ambulance equipped with latest technology. Al-Khidmat ambulance fleet has 7 vehicles now. A special ceremony was arranged on the occasion in which President Al-Khidmat Foundation Read more