Mr. Shaikh Firdous Visits AKF Hospital Peshawar

Mr. Shiekh Firdous, President Rohingya Federation, visited Alkhidmat Hospital Nishtar Abad Peshawar. Iqtidar Ahmad, Director Alkhidmat Hospital briefed him about all services of Hospital. Shiekh Firdous highly appreciated Alkhidmat Foundation efforts in health sector.


Mr. Shaik Firdous Visits Peshawar For Rohingya Support Ceremony

Appreciation ceremony for the support of Rohingya Muslims organised by Alkhidmat Foundation in Peshawar. Mr Sheikh Firdous, President Rohingya Federation of Arakan, was chief guest of the event. While addressing the audience, he praised the people for showing their support to the people of Rohingya and shed light on the dire situation of Rohingyas.

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AKFP Dir Lower Elects New President

Engineer Yaqoob u Rahman Took Oath of President AKF Dir Lower for upcoming Season 2017 to 2019. National director disaster Management AKF PAK (Fazal Mahmood was also present. Shields were also distributed among best volunteers and Zonal presidents. Mr. Malak Parvez, vice President AKF KPK, was the chief guest.


Reham Khan Visits Aghosh Peshawar

Reham Khan, a well known social personality, visited the Aghosh Alkhimat Peshawar and met with the orpahn kids. She also distributed prizes among the high achieving kids. In her address with the audience, she praised the efforts of Alkhidmat for the orphans. Mr. Khalid Waqas, President AKFP KPK, presented the shield to her. Other local leadership also present.


Study Activity (Self Control) Peshawar

AlKhidmat Peshawar organized Study Center Activity “How to Control yourself”. Guest trainer Muhammad Yousaf, president Tehreek Mehnat Peshawar, gave a lecture on the topic. Mr. Fida Khan, President AKFP Peshawar, was also part of the activity. More than 50 children were part of the activity.


Mr Habib (Jeddah AKF Committe) Visits Aghosh AKF Rawalkot

Moulana Habib Rahman Khan from Jadda Alkhidmat Committee, KSA visited the Aghosh AKF Rawalkot. Mr. Waseem and Mr. Adnan greeted the guests and gave a presentation on Aghoshians routine, schooling, their boarding setup and overall Aghosh administration and operations. He introduced Mr. Habib Rahman to the Team members of Aghosh AKP Rawlakot. Mr. Habib Rahman encouraged the efforts of AKFP team.


Progress of Mashal Medical Complex

Another milestone about to be achieved and we are marching towards it at great pace. Alkhidmat Foundation’s Mashal Complexe Mardan will be completed shortly and is expected be functional in 2-3 months, God Willing.


Finance Minister KPK Visits AKF Hospital – Khyber Agency

Mr. Muzaffar Said, Finance Minister KPK, visited Alkhidmat Foundation Hospital Zawal Baba Dir-Lower. He inspected and viewed the medical facilities offered by the hospital and encouraged the efforts of Alkhidmat Foundation in the area. He also announced donations for “Water Well” project of Alkhidmat Foundation.