Visit of ZF to Aghosh Girls (1)

Mr Rafi Zakat Foundation Visits Aghosh ISB

Mr. Rafi Bakht Nafees, representative Zakat Foundation USA, visited AKFP Aghosh Girls Islamabad. Mr. Ather Tehseen and Mr. Shahzad Abbasi briefed him about the Aghosh Alkhidmat Girls ISB’s general history and descipline. Mr. Rafi visited various sites in the Aghosh ISB and encouraged the efforts of the AKFP team.

Alkhidmat Town Visit by Alkhidmat Islamabad

Alkhidmat ISB Visits Alkhdimat Town Islamabad

AKFP Islamabad visited the Alkhidmat Town in Islamabad that AKFP, proudly, established for the victims of the EarthQuake 2005. Local leadership of AKFP paid a visit to town in order to check overall progress of the town development, met with locals and led prayers for those who lost their lives in earth quake.