AKFP Distributes Relief Goods Among Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Ankara: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has successfully completed another phase of distribution of relief goods among the Syrian refugee families in Turkey. The relief activity was implemented in collaboration with Turkish partner organization HAYRAT Foundation. On the occasion, Food Packages were distributed among refugees living relief camps in Şantıurfa city of Turkey.

It is also worth mentioning here that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is continuously engaged in relief activities for Syrian refugees along with its Turkish welfare organization partners since 2012.


UNIW Fair Istanbul, Turkey

The President UNIW Mr. Ali Kurt visited AlKhidmat foundation Pakistan’s corner at the international NGO fair 9-10 Dec 2017 Istanbul, Turkey. He acknowledged the services of AlKhidmat to the humanity.


UNIW NGOs Fair Istanbul, Turkey

An expositional corner was adorned by al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan in an international NGO’s fair held at Istanbul Turkey. On this occasion delegations from different social organisations visited the AlKhidmat corner. The president Alkhidmat foundation Pakistan Mr. Abdul Shakor and General Manager Media and Marketing Umair Idrees brief the visitors about the activities of Al khidmat foundation Pakistan.


MoU Between AKFP & TABA

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Volunteer Management arranged a seminar with the collaboration of TABA Youth Force in their office in DHA, Lahore. Which was attended by their members and other distinguish guests. Mr. Waqas Waheed, VP AKF Punjab, participated as guest speaker and signed MoU with TABA Youth Force for future collaboration in events as well. TABA Youth Force have donated PKR 500,000 for Rohingya Relief.


Seminar by AKFP About Rohingyas in Hazara University

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, in collaboration with Hazara University Mansehra, held a seminar in the University in order to raise public awareness about “Rohingya Muslims”. Mr. Shaikh Firdous, President Rohingya Federation of Arakan, was chief guest of the event. He spoke about what the issue is and how the Rohingyas are suffering as a result. He also shed light on the relief work done by Alkhidmat Foundation in the effected area. Many students, faculty and armed forces’ personnel were among the audience.


Mr. Shaik Firdous Visits Peshawar For Rohingya Support Ceremony

Appreciation ceremony for the support of Rohingya Muslims organised by Alkhidmat Foundation in Peshawar. Mr Sheikh Firdous, President Rohingya Federation of Arakan, was chief guest of the event. While addressing the audience, he praised the people for showing their support to the people of Rohingya and shed light on the dire situation of Rohingyas.

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Rohingya Charity Bazaar Contributes Rs 5 million

Alkhidmat appreciates the efforts of sisters Durdana Siddiqi, Dr. Sameeha Raheel Qazi, Naveeda Anees, Talat Zaheer and Nasira Ilyas who were leading the “Rohingya Charity Bazaar”. The wisdom of these sisters and force of the youth collectively made it possible to raise and donate Rs 50 Lac towards the cause of People of Rohingya. Mr. Abdus Shakoor also appreciated the efforts of these sisters.


Mr Abdus Shakoor Attends “Rohingya Charity Bazaar”

Mr. Abdus Shakoor, President AKFP, speaking to the Rohingya Charity Bazaar. He discussed the need of such events and the situation of the Rohingyas so that people could understand the gravity of the situation faced by the Rohingyas. Other leadership also addressed the event which include Mrs. Samia Raheel, ambassador AKFP and Mr. Engr. Firdous Shaikh, President Rohingya Federation of Arakan.