New Water Well – Bajaur Agency

Alkhidmat Foundation setup a Water Well in Loi Mamond, Bajur Agency, FATA. The project was done under Clean Water Program of AKFP and got completed with generous donation from Lt. Colonel Mr. Fahim-ud-Din. About 200 people will be beneficiaries of this project.


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Release Visual Identity Standard Guide

Lahore, 31-01-2016: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has launched a “VISUAL IDENTITY STANDARD GUIDE”. The idea behind the launch of the VISG is to create uniformity in Alkhidmat Foundation’s Read more


Alkhidmat Foundation’s Annual General Council Meeting Commence In Lahore

Lahore, 30-01-2016: Alkhidmat Foundation’s two day General Council meeting started today. The heads of Alkhidmat Foundation’s working areas participated in the meeting while all the regional leadership (Presidents and Vice Presidents) was also present. Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing Read more


Alkhidmat Foundation Arranges Central Board Of Management Meeting To Strategize 2016

Lahore, 26-12-2015: Alkhidmat Foundation arranged a Central Board of Management meeting in which the participants reviewed Alkhidmat Foundation’s performance in the year 2015 and also planned a strategy for the upcoming year. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Abus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan) Read more


Alkhidmat Foundation Distribute Winter Packages In FATA

FATA, 23-11-2015: Alkhidmat Foundation arranged winter packages distribution ceremonies at Orakzai Agency and Mohmand agency, FATA. 150 winter packages each were distributed at both places. Distributing Winter Packages among deserving families is a tradition Alkhidmat Foundation has been keeping up with for the past several years. This year, Alkhidmat Foundation has been providing these packages.