Iqbal Day – AKF School Layyah

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan organized Iqbal day in order to pay homage to the “Poet of the East”. Students and teachers both shared their views on the teachings of Iqbal. Students were presented with gifts at the end of the activity.


Iqbal Day – Alkhidmat School FATA

Alkhidmat Foundation organized an event, in an Alkhidmat supervised school, to commemorate “Poet of the East”, Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA) on Iqbal Day. Large number of students and teachers participated in the activity to pay homage to the poet who is popularly known as “Spiritual Father of the Nation”. Students and teachers both shed light on the vision and teachings of the poet.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Charsadda

Alkhidmat Foundation organized Iqbal Day in Alkhidmat Foundation School Sarki Charsadda. “Spiritual Father of Pakistan” was paid tribute by both the students and the children alike. Banners and paintings were placed in the school. Charts were also drawn and written by both students and teachers. Iconic portait was also revealed and placed in the school in order to commemorate the poet.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Azaakhel Bala

Alkhidmat Foundation organized Iqbal Day in Alkhidmat Foundation School Azaakhel Upper. In order to pay tribute to the “Poet of the East”, children presented poems and debates based the notion of “Khudi” and “Shaheen”.


Iqbal Day Multan

Alkhidmat Foundation Multan organized Iqbal Day for the the orphans. Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Chughtai, Snr VP AKF Multan, supervise the activity. A documentary film was presented to the children and a quiz session was also held at the end of the activity. Gifts were distributed among the children by the representatives of the Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing.


Iqbal Day – CPC Karachi

Alkhidmat Karachi, under the supervision of AKFP, organized an even in connection with Iqbal Day. Iconic poet, often called “Poet of the East”, was paid tribute by the children of the Child Protection Center. Children were taught about Allama Iqbal (RA) and various activities were performed on the occasion.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Peshawar

Alkhidmat Peshawar celebrated Iqbal Day, under the supervision of AKFP, in Alkhidmat Foundation School to pay tribute to the “Poet of the East”. Different sections were part of the activity, to boost students’ interest, such as playing a documentry movie, quiz session, painting and calligraphy in order to reveal the true personality of Iqbal. In the end, books were also distributed among the students. Mr. Fida Muhammad Khan, President AKF Peshawar  and Mr. Arbab Abdul Haseeb, Gen. Secretary AKF Peshawar also  participated praised the enthusiasm children showed for the event.


Interest Free Loan – Mawakhat Program Multan

Alkhidmat Foundation Multan organized an event in which, under Mawakhat Program, 57 small scale business owners were provided interest-free loan to help them increase their businesses. A total of PKR 1.25 million were distributed. Representatives and beneficiaries also shared their views about this activity.


High Achiever Awards – Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Participates

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, famous ex Pakistan cricketer & world cup winner, participated in High Achievers Awards Ceremony (Alkhidmat Schools) held for brilliant students. Mr. Liaqat Baloch, Sec. General JI and Mr. Abdus shakoor, President AKFP and other local leadership also participated. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, when addressing the hall, stressed on the need for education and congratulated student for attaining the highs. Students were presented with prizes afterwards.

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International Day For Eradication of Poverty

A seminar was held at local hotel in Lahore where Govt officials met with representatives from different walks of life and organizations. AKF participated as member of Punjab Micro-Finance Network and shed light on its work done for the society. AKF provided PKR 110 million to 4070 families as interest-free loan so that those persons could also be made valuable part of our society.