Books & Stationary Distribution in Jail – Dir Lower

Mr. Yaqoob, President Alkhidmat Dir Lower, visited the district headquarter jail along with his team. Alkhidmat Foundation distributed the curricular books among the children and the youth there. Plans were also discussed ablut establishing an islamic library center for women and toy center for the children.


Study Activity (Self Control) Peshawar

AlKhidmat Peshawar organized Study Center Activity “How to Control yourself”. Guest trainer Muhammad Yousaf, president Tehreek Mehnat Peshawar, gave a lecture on the topic. Mr. Fida Khan, President AKFP Peshawar, was also part of the activity. More than 50 children were part of the activity.


Educational Stationary Distribution

Alkhidmat Foundation is striving for the excellence in various sectors especially education and health. Today AKFP held an activity in SMC Govt Urdu Primary Model School Naushahro Feroze. Many children were provided stationary such as school bags, books and related school items.


Training Workshop For Teachers (Activities Based Learning)

Alkhidmat Foundation organized a 10-day training event for the female teacher of Alkhidmat Foundation Schools. In this course, teachers were trained as per the curriculum of “Activities Based Learning”. Services from organization named “Development in Literacy” were availed. This course will help teachers better equip with the knowledge of teaching children.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Layyah

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan organized Iqbal day in order to pay homage to the “Poet of the East”. Students and teachers both shared their views on the teachings of Iqbal. Students were presented with gifts at the end of the activity.


Iqbal Day – Alkhidmat School FATA

Alkhidmat Foundation organized an event, in an Alkhidmat supervised school, to commemorate “Poet of the East”, Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA) on Iqbal Day. Large number of students and teachers participated in the activity to pay homage to the poet who is popularly known as “Spiritual Father of the Nation”. Students and teachers both shed light on the vision and teachings of the poet.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Charsadda

Alkhidmat Foundation organized Iqbal Day in Alkhidmat Foundation School Sarki Charsadda. “Spiritual Father of Pakistan” was paid tribute by both the students and the children alike. Banners and paintings were placed in the school. Charts were also drawn and written by both students and teachers. Iconic portait was also revealed and placed in the school in order to commemorate the poet.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Azaakhel Bala

Alkhidmat Foundation organized Iqbal Day in Alkhidmat Foundation School Azaakhel Upper. In order to pay tribute to the “Poet of the East”, children presented poems and debates based the notion of “Khudi” and “Shaheen”.


Iqbal Day – AKF School Peshawar

Alkhidmat Peshawar celebrated Iqbal Day, under the supervision of AKFP, in Alkhidmat Foundation School to pay tribute to the “Poet of the East”. Different sections were part of the activity, to boost students’ interest, such as playing a documentry movie, quiz session, painting and calligraphy in order to reveal the true personality of Iqbal. In the end, books were also distributed among the students. Mr. Fida Muhammad Khan, President AKF Peshawar  and Mr. Arbab Abdul Haseeb, Gen. Secretary AKF Peshawar also  participated praised the enthusiasm children showed for the event.


Training Workshop For Teachers – Tharparkar

Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh, under the supervision of of AKFP, organized a training workshop for the teachers of Chownra Schools at the district office. The fundamental purpose of the session was capacity building in the teachers with new and modern techniques and how to be progressive teacher. The session boosted their confidence and they got to know their strengths and weaknesses.