Annual Board Meeting of AKFP Disaster Management Program Held in Lahore

Lahore: The annual board meeting of Alkhidmat Disaster Management program was held at AKFP Head Office, Lahore. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Secretary General Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmad Mangat, Executive Director Shahid Iqbal, General Manager Programs Sufyan Khan and other members of the board attended the meeting. The board reviewed performance of AKFP volunteers in the fields of rescue, relief and rehabilitation and devised a new roadmap to be followed in 2018.


Natural Disaster Training For Volunteers

Many people die because of lack of First Aid after natural disasters occur. Under “Disaster Management Program”, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan organised a training workshop for its volunteers so that they are better equipped for the situation and precious lives are not lost. More than 50 volunteers participated in this activity.


Relief Work in Tharparkar

Alkhidmat Foundation distributed, in collaboration with AKF Women Wing, relief package among the victim families of fireworks in a village nearby Tharparkar. Around 45-50 families were given relief package. Activity was completed under the supervision of Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh.