Water pump

Groundbreaking ceremony of a new Solar submersible pump

The Secretary General Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Dr. M. Mushtaq Ahmed Mangat and General Manager Programs Sufyan Khan attended a groundbreaking ceremony of a new Solar submersible pump in Thar. Where people has to bring water from miles away. This project is donated by late Abdul Shakoor’s family from Karachi.


New Water Well – Bajaur Agency

Alkhidmat Foundation setup a Water Well in Loi Mamond, Bajur Agency, FATA. The project was done under Clean Water Program of AKFP and got completed with generous donation from Lt. Colonel Mr. Fahim-ud-Din. About 200 people will be beneficiaries of this project.


AKFP Set To Inaugurate Five Mega Water Filteration Plants In Faisalabad On May 22

Faisalabad: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is set to inaugurate newly installed five mega water filtration plants in Faisalabad on May 22. Japanese ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Takashi Kurai, will be chief guest while AKFP Vice President Syed Ihsanullah Waqas will also be present at the inauguration ceremony. The plants have been installed in collaboration with Government of Japan at the cost of Rs.8.5 million. The water filtration plants are expected to benefit more than 25,000 people on daily basis.

It may also be noted here that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is currently running 6,434 projects under its Clean Water program across the country. Over 1.4 million people are benefited from these water projects every day.



New Community Hand Pump Installed in Village Near Quetta

Quetta: The Clean Water program of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has successfully installed a new community hand pump in Ghous Abad village near Quetta city. The project will benefit more than 220 villagers in the remote area of Balochistan province. The newly installed hand pump was donated in the name of Akhter Hanife (Late).

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that over 1.4 million people benefit from water projects of the AKFP on daily basis across the country.