National Disaster Awareness Balochistan

National Disaster Awareness Day Balochistan

A rally was setup by Alkhidmat Foundation in collaboration with Hilal Ahmar, 1122 and others. Local leadership and representatives of other stake holders took part in it. Activity included banners placed at different places, general awareness among the public and concluding remarks at the end of rally regarding victims of Earth Quake (2005) and efforts done by local leadership in this regard.


New Community Hand Pump Installed in Village Near Quetta

Quetta: The Clean Water program of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has successfully installed a new community hand pump in Ghous Abad village near Quetta city. The project will benefit more than 220 villagers in the remote area of Balochistan province. The newly installed hand pump was donated in the name of Akhter Hanife (Late).

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that over 1.4 million people benefit from water projects of the AKFP on daily basis across the country.

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AKFP Hosts Pakistan Orphan Care Forum Meeting in Quetta

Quetta: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan instigated a forum consisting of several Civil Society Organizations working for the cause of Orphan Children in Pakistan. The idea is to develop a consortium to synergize the sector and work collectively for a common cause. In order to bring all the partner organizations, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan held the first meeting of this forum and named it as Pakistan Orphan Care Forum (POCF).

SOS Children Village, Muslim Hands, Helping Hands and Islamic Relief joined hands with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan to form an independent organization to work for Orphan Children in Pakistan. It was mutually decided that Mr. Abdus Shakoor, President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan will also work as President of POCF while the Forum will work initially in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi.

Mr. Nisar Ahmad Sabir, Secretary General Pakistan Orphan Care Forum, Ms. Iffat Ata Yonus, Director SOS Children Village, Malik Naeem, Regional Manager- Muslim Hands and Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Kakar, Regional Manager – Helping Hands were represented their organizations at the meeting. Next meeting of the forum will held on 10 May at the office of Islamic Relief.

AKFP President Abdus Shakoor inaugurates new Child Protection Center in Balochistan

AKFP President Abdus Shakoor inaugurates new Child Protection Center in Balochistan

Quetta: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan President Abdus Shakoor has inaugurated a new Child Protection Center in Hub Chowki – Balochistan to provide educational facilities to the street children. AKFP Assistant Secretary General Aijazullah Khan, Qazi Syed Saddaruddin, Rashid Qureshi and local officials of the AKFP were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdus Shakoor said the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is striving to transform the street children into respectable citizens of the country by providing due facilities free of cost. Apart of the projects for street children the AKFP is also running a number Aghosh Homes and OFSP clusters to cater the needs of more than 7,000 orphan children across Pakistan, he went on to say.

Later on, AKFP President also visited Hub Press Club and held meeting with the representatives of journalist community.


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Release Visual Identity Standard Guide

Lahore, 31-01-2016: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has launched a “VISUAL IDENTITY STANDARD GUIDE”. The idea behind the launch of the VISG is to create uniformity in Alkhidmat Foundation’s Read more


Alkhidmat Foundation’s Annual General Council Meeting Commence In Lahore

Lahore, 30-01-2016: Alkhidmat Foundation’s two day General Council meeting started today. The heads of Alkhidmat Foundation’s working areas participated in the meeting while all the regional leadership (Presidents and Vice Presidents) was also present. Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing Read more


Alkhidmat Foundation Arranges Central Board Of Management Meeting To Strategize 2016

Lahore, 26-12-2015: Alkhidmat Foundation arranged a Central Board of Management meeting in which the participants reviewed Alkhidmat Foundation’s performance in the year 2015 and also planned a strategy for the upcoming year. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Abus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan) Read more