Educators Receive Training

Peshawar – June 25, 2012; A three-day training workshop was organized in Kalam, a scenic town in northern Pakistan, for principals and teachers of Tameer-e-Millat Schools, a project of AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan. The training workshop was organized in collaboration with Aafaq, an organization which specializes in countrywide teacher training workshops. Read more


FATA Takes Lead In Orphan Care

FATA – June 24, 2012; A meeting of the administrative body of Al-Khidmat’s Orphan Care Program, FATA Region, chaired by Al-Khidmat President, Dr Hafeez ur Rahman, was held here today. It was unanimously decided at the gathering that owing to the large number of children becoming orphans because of the ongoing strife and military operations in the FATA region, Read more


Ambulance Fleet To Expand Service

Lahore – June 21, 2012; Ambulance are first responders in any emergency and are essential for transporting wounded and mortally ill people to hospitals. Many people, all over the country, die each day or become permanently disabled because they were unable to reach a medical facility and receive appropriate medical care on time. These include victims of automobile, Read more


Relief For Balochistan Prisoners

Quetta – June 20, 2012;Al-Khidmat’s Prisoners’ Welfare Division is very active in providing various humanitarian activities at various prisons all across the country. These activities include vocational training courses, healthcare, provision of clean water, monetary, material, and legal assistance, as well as construction and Read more


2-Day Disaster Management Workshop

Charsadda – June 19, 2012;Despite the fact the rescue and relief operations performed by AlKhidmat personnel during earthquakes and floods were far more efficient than those carried out by international organizations, AlKhidmat has been providing hands-on training via workshops to its Disaster Management Teams ever Read more


FATA IDPs Receive Aid

South Waziristan – June 18, 2012; Thousands of IDPs from South Waziristan Agency of FATA received aid material at an assistance distribution ceremony organized by Al-Khidmat FATA. Countless people have become internally displaced due to the ongoing strife in Pakistan’s northern areas, with FATA being one of the most affected areas.
AlKhidmat FATA regularly distributes various aid materials among the IDPs, such as food packages, clean water, medicines, clothing, bedding, etc. In consideration of current weather conditions, aid material distributed on this occasion included water coolers and mosquito netting.
Representatives of affected families thronged to venue of assistance distribution forming a long line. President, AlKhidmat FATA, Awwal Gul Afridi, was also present at the assistance distribution ceremony.


Urgent Relief For Fire Victims

Hyderabad – June 17, 2012; A demonstration of how Al-Khidmat is ever vigilant regarding humanitarian situations was displayed here when a Relief and Rescue team from AlKhidmat Sindh’s Disaster Management Unit rushed to help victims of a fire which had gutted 40 huts in Goth Haji Ibraheem Shehno near Hyderabad. Read more


Dr A Q Khan Receives Souvenir Shield

Islamabad – June 14, 2012; A four member AlKhidmat team, including National Director, AlKhidmat Orphan Care Program, Khalid Mahmood Abbasi, and Director AlKhidmat Media Cell, Muhammad Umair Idrees, accompanied by several orphan children from AlKhidmat’s Aghosh Orphan Home in Attock, visited famous scientist, Dr A Q Khan, at his residence in Islamabad… Read more


Medical Camps Around Chitral

Chitral – June 13, 2012; Al-Khidmat’s Healthcare Division regularly organizes medical camps in rural and remote areas of the country in order to provide much needs healthcare services and facilities to people of underdeveloped areas. In line with this policy, AlKhidmat Chitral organized several medical camps in and around Chitral and Mastooj in collaboration Read more