Al-Khidmat Foundation Sends Aid Items To Fire-Victims In Tharparker

Karachi, 15-01-2013: Following the directions of Mr. Naimut Ullah Khan (former Nazim. Karachi) Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan sent blankets, ration, and other items for the affected families of the fire incident that occurred in Tharparker. A special distribution ceremony was organized to distribute the items among the affected people. Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Mr. Shahnawaz, Hafiz Imam Din, Hafiz Abdul Ghani and other representatives distributed the items among more than a dozen affected families. These families had to bear serious losses due to the fire after which Al-Khidmat Foundation decided to send them aid items.


Orphan Rights Walk

Lahore, 11-01-2013: Pakistan Forum For Orphan Children is celebrating 9th of Rabi Ul Awal, 11th January 2014 as ‘Orphans Rights Day’. The event will be collectively celebrated under the umbrella of ‘Pakistan Forum For Orphan Children’. Pakistan Forum For Orphan Children has organized walks, seminars, conferences, and special lectures in educational centers, throughout the country to celebrate the event. In that context a walk is arranged in Lahore in which people from all walks of life will participate. The walk will commence from Jillani Park and will march towards Children complex Lahore. Al-Khidmat , Helping Hand for Relief and Development, Ghzali Education Trust, Read Foundation, Tameer-e-Millat Foundation, Islami Nazamat e Taleem, Foundation of the Faithful, Muslim Aid and other NGO together celebrate orphans day.