The following summary outlines the relief activities carried out by Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan in addressing vulnerable segments of society during the winters of 2012-13.
Winters are harsh and dry. The cold weather presents a stiff challenge of survival for all life forms. This fall will bring a new challenge for all those Pakistanis who lost their homes, loved ones, and livelihood as a result of a devastating earth-quake which shook Baluchistan. The quake resulted in a death toll of more than 500 people. It also damaged scores of houses, exposing the local population to the extremities of weather.
Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has been relentlessly working to provide relief to the quake-affectees. A large number of the affectees do not have any proper residence and they are most vulnerable in absence of proper winter clothing and tents. Keeping in view the circumstances, Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has planned “Winter Relief Package 2014”.
Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Winter Relief Packages of yesteryears have been very successful. This year the challenge is greater as Al-Khidmat Foundation plans to provide the package to the vulnerable affectees of Baluchistan as well as the internally displaced people of the FATA region.
Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Winter Package Program represents a great tradition which is very close to the heart of its mission: serving the humanity. While many affluent people live peacefully in their cozy houses, numerous people have to weather the storm and confront harsh weather conditions. Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan appeals all charitable people to come forward and help Al-Khidmat Foundation help the needy affectees against the challenges of this winter.

Al-Khidmat’s Winter Package 2013-14 for Earthquake Affectees! Donate heartedly.