Tharparkar, considered to be the only fertile desert in the world, is situated almost 433 kilometers away from Karachi. It sprawls over an area of 19,638 km and a population of more than 914,291.


Three districts of Tharparkar—Mithi, Diplu, and Chachero—have been arid due to insufficient rainfall. Consequently, there has been no crop or fodder. The amount of clean drinking water has also depleted. There is a stark deficiency of eatables. To make matters worse, a large number of animals have also perished. Hence a major source of milk is no longer available. According to reports, at least 193 children have died due to malnutrition and phenomena. Another report suggests that one-third of the population is malnourished. Unfortunately, the situation is aggravating every passing minute and more than 175,000 people have been affected by famine.Children and women are facing malnutrition and the number of premature births has surged, increasing the probability of mortality rate.


Diarrhea, Malaria, and Phenomena are rampant, especially among children.

Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Relief Activities:


More than 300 volunteers from Interior Sindh and Karachi have participated in relief activities for the famine affectees.

Base Camp:

After evaluating the situation, Al-Khidmat Foundation declared Mithi as their base camp. President Al-Khidmat Foundation Sindh, Dr. Syed. Tabassum Jaffri and President Al-Khidmat Foundation Tharparkar Mr. Mir Muhammad Baledi are overseeing Al-Khidmat Foundation’s relief activities.

Relief Trucks:

Since March 7, 2014 Al-Khidmat Foundation has sent 22 trucks of aid to Mithi.

Detail of Relief work:
Following is the detail of the eatable items sent as aid.























Rice 14,885 Kg Dough / Flour 1,575 Bags
Dry Milk 1,500 Packets Liquid Milk (1 liter Pack) 1,000 Packets
Sugar 3,000 Packets Biscuits 3,500 Packets
Ghee 500 Packets Potato 500 KG
Peas 220 Kg Tea 500 Packets
Meat 300 Tin Packs Drinking Water (6 liter each) 1,000 bottles

Al-Khidmat Kitchen:
A kitchen has been established in Mithi which is has the capacity to feed more than 500 affectees each day.

Medical Camp:

In association with PIMA Relief, Al-Khidmat Foundation arranged a medical camp in front of district head-quarter Hospital Mithi, where 3 doctors assisted by 5 paramedical staff medically examined more than 2,000 patients. Moreover Five medical camps have been working in the area, benefitting over 2,700 patients whereas these medical camps are arranged in Islamkot, Chachar, and Nagarpar. Free medicines have been provided to patients and two of Al-Khidmat Foundation’s ambulances are used to transport the patients to and from the hospital.

Veterinary Clinic:
Considering the reliance of local population on livestock, Al-Khidmat Foundation has started a veterinary clinic in which veterinary doctors have been vaccinating livestock. Note that thousands of animals in the region have died due to famine. So far more than 20,000 animals have been vaccinated and treated by Al-Khidmat Foundation’s veterinary clinic.


Al-Khidmat’s Past Services in Tharparker:

Tharparker was struck by a serious famine in 1998. Al-Khidmat Pakistan also responded to that emergency by establishing relief camps and distributed relief items. Ration and food items were distributed among thousands of families at that time. Medical camps were arranged throughout the region and ‘ZamZam’ project was implanted to ensure clean water provision. More than 500 water-wells were dug. Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has also established schools under ‘Al-Ilm Project’. Interest free loans are being provided in the area. More than 600 loans have been distributed under this program.

Required Items:

The affected districts need instant humanitarian assistance. Food ration, clean water and medical camps are required throughout the affected region for at least one month. The following items are needed on emergency basis:

- Cooked Food                                 Rs. 200 (USD 2)
Per person per day (for at least 1000 people daily)

- Dry Ration                                      Rs. 3,000 (USD 30)
Per person per month (for at least 5000 people)

- Energy Biscuits & Milk                  Rs. 1,000 (USD 10)

(For Women and Children)             Per packet (for at least 5000 people)

- Medicine for Medical Camp         Rs. 25,000 (USD 250)
Per day for each medical camp

- Clean Water                                   Rs. 1,000 (USD 10)
Per person per month

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