Five years of civil war in Syria has resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Millions of Syrians are besieged or have lost their homes. They are forced to live on the move as refugees in their own country and neighboring states such as Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Most of them, especially the children, face grave threats to their lives and have been struggling for food, shelter, clean water and basic health facilities. The future of an entire generation is in danger.

While Syrian refugees are desperately trying to rebuild their lives in camps, they look upon the whole world for aid. Billions of dollars have been spent to cater the needs, however, the situation is still heartbreaking. Thousands of families are managing to survive without food, medicine and other facilities. Hungry, Thirsty and Scared, They Need Your Help!

Alkhidmat Foundation’s Response:

Since the Syrian crisis began Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has been providing urgent aid to Syrian refugees with the help of our on-ground partner relief organizations. Your continued assistance in the form of donations has helped us to support and offer hope to the most vulnerable people on Earth. We need more donations to providing food, safe water, medicine and shelter to the Syrian refugees.


Millions of Syrians are besieged or forced to live in refugee camps and half of them are children. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is providing urgent aid to Syrian refugees in need.

Send donations to “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” through your bank account or Online Donations to ease the sufferings of Syrian refugees.