Security related developments in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) forced thousands of people to leave their homes and move to Bannu, Lakki Marwat, Karak, Dera Ismail Khan and Kohat districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Bakkar and Fatehjang in Punjab, 
and other parts of the country since June 15,2014.


The latest reports quoting official figures has put the toll at more than 6,98,435, with people continuing to move. Nearly 80 per cent of the displaced are women and children, which is a concern. Informal evaluation conducted by partners identified shelter, access to health facilities, and food as the priority needs.


  • Date
  • 18/07/2014
  • Families
  • 90,836
  • Male
  • 2,56,396
  • Female
  • 2,84,301
  • Children
  • 4,52,369
  • Individual
  • 9,93,166
Major Problems and Challenges for IDPs
  • Harsh Weather
  • No Shelter
  • Limited access to Health related facilities
  • No Food Assurance (Hard to find food)
  • Vulnerability to Diseases (Diarrhea, Malaria, Skin Diseases, Cholera, Dehydration)
Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Relief Activities

AKFP is trying its best to provide medical care, transport, food, and shelter to the IDPs.

9 Relief Camps Established

1. Base Camp: Al-Markaz –e- Islami Bannu
2. Azad Mandi Relief Camp
3. Double Road – Miran Shah Road Relief Camp
4. Bannu Cantt Market Relief Camp
5. Lakki Marwat Relief Camp
6. Karak Relief
7. D.I. Khan Relief Camp
8. G.E. College Ghoriwala Relief Camp
9. Govt. Degree College – Mamash khel
10. Bannu Sports Complex Relief Camp

25 Ambulances in field

1.    Cantt Market Camp:                    06 Ambulances
2.    Double Road Camp:                    14 Ambulances
3.    Azad Mandi Camp                        05 Ambulances

5,000 Families were given food packages
3,000 Families were transported to safer places
4 Kitchen Facilities:

1.    Al-Khidmat Kitchen    Double Road Camp, Bannu
2.    Al-Khidmat Kitchen    Azad Mandi Camp, FR Bannu
3.    Al-Khidmat Kitchen    Cantt Market Camp, Bannu City
4.    Al-Khidmat Kitchen    Lady Park Camp, Bannu City

3 Field Hospital For IDPs (PIMA Relief is our partner in Medical Care)

1.    Hafiz Medical Center – Bannu City
2.    Bannu Health Complex – Bannu City
3.    Peshawar Medical Center – Bannu City

2,500 Volunteers

More than 2,500 volunteers engaged in relief activities for IDPs.

2 Veterinary Camps

Huge numbers of animals were also displaced; Al-Khidmat has organized veterinary camps.

Residential Camp

200 families stayed at Al-Khidmat residential camp situated at Lady Park Camp Bannu.

Miscellaneous Activities

1. Rechargeable Pedestal Fans: 100 Fans
2. Ladies Cloths: 1200 suits
3. Water Cooler: 251
4. Tents: 50
5. Dates (Khajoor): 500 Packs (1kg)
6. Soaps: 100 Cartons
7. Water Cane: 100 Canes
8. Foot wares: 1200 pairs
9. Drinkable Water: Water Bowser on daily basis in each union council

Donate Now

IDPs of North Waziristan need your help instantly. A large proportion of the IDPs consists of women and children and they are helpless and most deserving of your donations. Al-Khidmat Foundation requests all the affluent and charitable to come forth and help their brethren in need.

The following items are instantly required:

Food items

Rs.2,200 per food package per family

Medical Camp (medicine)

PKR 25,000 per day


Rs. 10,000 per tent

Clothes (Men, Women & Children)

Rs. 800 per Suit


PKR 10,000 Per Vehicle

Kitchen Utensils

Rs. 2,500 per set

Donate Generously to Support North

Waziristan IDPs


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