Appeal For Tharparkar

The Tharparkar district in the Sindh province of Pakistan has once again been facing a drought – like situation. The severe lack of food, water, and medical facilities has been taking people’s lives.

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Appeal For Ration Bags

Al-Khidmat foundation Pakistan has a tradition of distributing ration bags among poor and deserving families throughout the year, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

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 Appeal for Scholarship

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme is a step toward the creation of a knowledge-driven, equal-opportunity society. The idea is to financially and morally support needy and deserving students with their educational expenses. We believe in working together for a bright future of our society which is undoubtedly dependent on education.

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Appeal for Rozgar Program

Unemployment is another major issue in Pakistan. According to a study, unemployment rate has risen to 6.5% this year. Unemployment doesn’t only pose an existential threat to many but its moral implications on the society are undeniable.

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Appeal for Wheel Chairs

Al-Khidmat foundation has a tradition of helping physically challenged people. For we believe that a physically challenged person is not disabled but has the potential and the will to carry on with his life like any other individuals.

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