Dubbed as “boat people” by international media, the Rohingya people are actually members of Muslim community from Burma’s Rakhine State. Rohingyas have been declared as state-less people by Burmese government while persecution by local authorities and communal oppression has forced them to leave their homeland. According to an estimate, thousands of Rohingya have migrated to neighboring countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh. But still over 140,000 Rohingya people remain confined in IDP camps in Myanmar/Burma.

To migrate from Burma, Rohingya people brave to cross the sea using small rickety boats and many of them die before reaching their destination. Those who are lucky enough to cross the sea are either detained by the border forces or moved to refugee camps where the sufferings never end. They are deprived of food, medicine, shelter, clean water and other basic facilities, and await support from different welfare organizations.

AKF Rohingya Appeal 2016

Rohingya Appeal 2016

Our Response:

Since the Rohingya crisis gained new momentum in 2012, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has been providing urgent aid to these refugees with the help of our on-ground partner relief organizations in Indonesia and Malaysia. Your continued assistance in the form of donations has helped us to support and offer hope to the most vulnerable people on Earth. We need more donations to provide food, safe water, medicine and shelter to Rohingya people.


Millions of Rohingya people are being persecuted in Burma and forced to live in refugee camps in other countries, facing endless hardships. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is providing urgent aid to Rohingyas.

Send donations to “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” through your bank account or Online Donations to ease their sufferings.

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