Following the fresh wave of violence in Myanmar, dozens of villages have been burnt down by the oppressive forces and the United Nations is also been barred from carrying out aid operation in the affected areas. According to the UN monitoring agency, over thousands of Rohingya Muslims including women and children have been forced to leave their houses and migrate towards neighboring countries to seek shelter in already over populated refugee camps.

In such a situation, the helpless Rohingya Muslims need the support of donors from around the world. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is engaged in humanitarian relief activities since beginning of the conflict in collaboration with partner welfare organizations of Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey which are involved in on-ground operations at the shelter camps through distribution of food packages, Qurbani meat and provision of clean drinking water by installing water hand-pumps.

You can also provide the most persecuted community with urgent aid and medication by sending generous donations. Act now and send donations!

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