A deadly earthquake of 7.5 magnitude shook Indonesia on September 28, causing a humanitarian crisis which has directly affected around 2 million people in the region. Hundreds of people have been confirmed dead while thousands of others are missing or trapped in the rubble as rescuers continue their efforts to save the victims. Donggala is the area worst damaged by the earthquake and witnesses have reported complete destruction of many cities. A tsunami warning has also been issued for islands and areas close to sea.
In such a grave situation, the Indonesian government has appealed the international community to extend support to handle the humanitarian crisis. Responding to the call, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is launching an emergency relief operation for the victims of
the earthquake in collaboration with the partner welfare organizations undertaking on ground rescue and rehabilitation activities.

Indonesia Disaster
Indonesia Disaster
Indonesia Disaster
Indonesia Disaster
Indonesia Disaster
Indonesia Disaster

You can send donations to “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” through your bank account, home collection or Online Donations to ease the sufferings of the earthquake victims.

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