Alkhidmat Foundation Carries Rescue-Relief In Flood-Hit Chitral

A strong flashflood wiped away a mosque, carrying a number of people along last night in Orsoon village near Dorosh, Chitral. 31 casualties have been confirmed. Alkhidmat Foundation Chitral immediately started its rescue and relief operations to mitigate losses. Meanwhile 50 food packages and 50 Tarpulin sheets have been dispatched to Chitral to reinforce the relief activities. Note that Shanghla and Karora have also suffered due to heavy rainfall: 24 houses and 8 shops were destroyed due to land-sliding in these areas. Alkhidmat Foundation has been conducting rescue and relief operations there as well.
Expressing grief and sorrow over the loss of precious lives in the rain and floods, President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Muhammad Abdus Shakoor directed the Alkhidmat KPK to speed up rescue and relief measures.
He has also directed the Disaster Management Center officials to step up rescue and relief efforts in the flood-hit areas of Chitral.
In a statement, he said the people who are stranded and flooded away must be reached and rescued to mitigate losses.


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