AKFP, Turkish NGOs Renew Bid To Work Together

Ankara: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and its partner Turkish N-n-Government Orpganizations (NGOs) have reaffirmed their commitment to closely work together for the cause of service to humanity. The representatives of the humanitarian relief organizations agreed to materialize their mutual cooperation unto a new higher level amid growing crisis around the globe.

According to details, AKFP Executive Director Shahid Iqbal is in Turkey these day, where is holding crucial meetings with the officials of Turkish non-profit organizations. Over the weekend, he met ILKDER’s President Ozden Sonmez, Turkey Diyanet Foundation’s Vice General Director Murat Uyar and Eğitim Bir Sen’s Vice Presidents Latif Selvi and Hasan Yalçın Yayla.

Shahid Iqbal’s meeting are aimed at renewal of AKFP’s commitments of bilateral cooperation with Turkish NOGs. Earlier, he held meetings with the representatives of Ihals Foundation, UNIW, FIMA, Besir Foundation and IYILIKDER.

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan enjoys close partnership with aid agencies around the world. This relationship not only lets the AKFP to undertake humanitarian relief work across the globe but also helps international NGOs to participate in aid activities inside Pakistan.