Mr Muhammad Abdus Shakoor President AKFP

Muhammad Abdus Shakoor
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Almost three decades ago, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan was registered as a non-profit organization with the mission of “service to humanity with integrity”. We have been striving to fulfil our vision without any discrimination on the basis of religion, color, race or political affiliation throughout this time.We have expanded our operations up to seven areas: Disaster Management, Education, Health Services, Clean Water, Orphan Care, Mawakhat and Community Services which altogether cover all fields of the life.

With a growing number of beneficiaries of humanitarian services every year, the AKFP has become now a name of quality and excellence in Pakistan and abroad. We have so far engaged in welfare activities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Indonesia, Malaysia Nepal and Myanmar. AKFP has also established a dependable global network of partner relief organizations to undertake humanitarian aid operations. Extreme level of transparency, volunteerism and trust of partners and donors has become AKFP’s identity.

I believe organizing and improving the strength of more and more human resources is the key to handle any humanitarian crisis and launch progress-oriented social projects. For this, engagement of youth in our ongoing and upcoming welfare activities has a potential to shape our plans more efficiently. We surely need proactive support of passionate volunteers, visionary ambassadors and trustworthy partners to implement our vision of service to humanity: reaching out every vulnerable human being and community on this plant. We strive to a perfect realization of this dream.