Abdus Shakoor President Alkhidmat Pakistan Becomes Board Member Of The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World (UNIW)

Lahore, 26-07-2015: Abdus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan) has been elected as an executive board member of UNIW and is also on the auditing board of the forum.
The decision was made at UNIW conference, which was held in Turkey. Alkhidmat Foundation was represented by Abdus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan) and Shahid Iqbal (Secretary General Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan). UNIW is an eminent international forum which has over 300 members from all over the world. It is a union of Islamic NGOs from all across the globe which is designed to discuss and resolve global Muslim issues.
Alkhidmat Foundation raised the issue of Rohinyga Muslim and asked for a coordinated effort to relieve their suffering. Alkhidmat also urged the members of the forum to play an active role in addressing the issues of Muslim youth in Kashmir, Iraq, and Palestine.
It was also decided that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan will be hosting a youth conference in Pakistan. Alkhidmat Foundation informed the fellow members about the recent flood situation in Pakistan.