Alkhidmat Foundation Digs Water Well At Gudaab

Gudaab, 24-04-2015: Alkhidmat Foundation has dug a well in Kand Jhung, Gudaab. The water has been constructed with the assistance of charitable donors. The water well has been made functional and operational. The locals are very happy at the provision of another clean water source.


Alkhidmat Foundation KPK Arranges Feast For Street Children

Peshawar, 19-04-2015: Alkhidmat Foundation KPK’s Child Protection Project arranged a feast for street children working near Ladma. Mr. Izzut Khan (Provincial Secretary Finance) oversaw the proceedings. Mr. Qazi Wajahat (Senior Provincial Program Manager), Malik Awais Awan (Program Officer), Mr. Mushtaq Khan (Project Officer) and other administrators were also present on the occasion. Note that Alkhidmat Read more