Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Distribute Ration Packages In Tharparkar

Tharparkar, 22-04-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan distributed ration packages in the drought-affected areas of Tharparkar. Dr. Amjad Saqib Khan and Major. Rafeeq Ahmed Khan was involved in the distribution process. A total of 250 ration packages were distributed. Each ration package cost Rs.1800. 50 each packages were distributed in Pelodu, Lanja Koth, Khjugtahar, Muhabatu Khan, and Yazo Charo.


UK-Islamic Mission & Al-Khidmat Foundation Increase Capacity Of Ambulance Service

Peshawar, 22-04-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation in collaboration with UK-Islamic Mission increased the capacity of Al-Khidmat Foundation Ambulance services. Malakund agency has been provided an ambulance equipped with latest technology. Al-Khidmat ambulance fleet has 7 vehicles now. A special ceremony was arranged on the occasion in which President Al-Khidmat Foundation Read more