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Alkhidmat Youth Gathering 2017

Alkhidmat Foundation, a registered NGO since 1990, is a leading network of the country with an objective to provide humanitarian services across Pakistan. Our sole aim is to serve humanity. We are working for the be the betterment of Society. This year Volunteer Management at Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan arranged a its Second Youth Gathering in […]

Water pump
The Secretary General Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Dr. M. Mushtaq…
Wheelchairs distribution in Peshawar
The President of Alkhidmat Foundation KPK Mr. Khalid Waqas distributing…
The President UNIW Mr. Ali Kurt visited AlKhidmat foundation…
An expositional corner was adorned by al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan…
Alkhidmat Foundation Sargodha arranged a free eye Treatment &…
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Volunteer Management arranged a…
How to Send Donations – Demo
Groundbreaking Ceremony of Aghosh Alkhidmat Kohat
Alkhidmat Orphan Care Program
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